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                      MEDIA LOAN HUB

                          Opening Hours

                          Monday - Thursday

                     Open from - 09:00 - 12:00

                             Closed l Lunch

                              13:00 - 17:00


                     Open from - 09:00 - 12:00

                             Closed l Lunch

                             13:00 - 16:30

                          Saturday & Sunday


Published 12/10/2020

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Call us: 01332 59 3239  or 3241

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TIP! - When booking you do not have to make the start time on the hour and during busy periods we will have a que so book on the time that suits you to avoid waiting

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For loans of equipment an extended period of time please discuss this with your tutor and have your tutor sign an extended loan form which is available from the information rack near reception. 

Always bring your university identification  card to loan out equipment. 


Late Return policy

­Equipment Returns

If student notifies the media loan hub of the potential late returns through E-Mail or telephone ( Tel 01332 593239/593241) Then we will endeavor to help were ever possible.

If no contact has been made and equipment is not returned by the required date and time then a suspension of accounts will be enforced from:

Under 24 hours late return = 1 day suspended

Over 24 hours late return   = 3 days suspended

Over 48 hours late returns = 5 days suspended

Over 72 hours late returns = 7 days suspended

If there is an advanced booking during the suspended time the booking will be cancelled and you will be required to re-book after the suspension has been lifted.

When equipment returns are later than 72hours the Academic associated with the student will be informed and the Media Loan Hub staff will negotiate with appropriate staff to resolve the issues.


Room Key Booking

Failure the return keys at the required specified time on booking will result in suspension

Under  1 hour late key return key = 1 day suspended

1hour – 24 hours late return key      = 3 days suspended.

Over 24 hours late return key = 5 days suspended.

Where ever possible please try to contact us if there are issues with returning equipment or keys.